Funk Unplugged – Alpha Demo

Funk Unplugged

Funk Unplugged follows the platforming adventures of the adorable Ampy, an electronic amplifier brought to life by the power of space music magic.

The bright and cartoony design of Funk Unplugged’s characters and environment immediately brings to mind Rare’s N64 era games like Banjo-Kazooie or Insomniac Games’ Playstation title Spyro the Dragon. Much like in the 3D platforming adventure games that came before it, you’ll be tasked with collecting various objects and solving simple platforming puzzles to progress through each level. You’ll take down enemies like the Spedora, the bizarre offspring of a spider and a fedora, by picking up and throwing small objects at them. You’ll also come across broken objects as you move through world. When Ampy’s antenna glows blue, you’ll need to transform the damaged objects to advance.

And as the game’s title implies, Funk Unplugged has some groovy background tunes that are sure to keep your head bopping.  Funk Unplugged is still in development and will be the first title from Vamped Games, an independent game studio based out of Chicago. If you’re looking for a N64 throwback and you just can’t wait for Yooka-Laylee, you can help Vamped Games out when they launch their Kickstarter campaign next week.

Note:  Remember, when Ampy’s antenna glows blue you can use your transform power on a nearby object!

Check Out a Funk Unplugged Gameplay Video Here

The Kickstarter Has Launched! Check It Out & Download The Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)

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  1. This game seems like its going to be awesome. I would love if you could post the kickstarter link when its up.

    • Yeah it’s shaping up wonderfully! We’ll certainly update the post when the Kickstarter starts – they’re going to be releasing an updated demo build to coincide with it too!

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