Fushi – Student Project Game

Fushi is a beautiful hand drawn puzzle platforming adventure set in a mythical Japanese world, where a mystical fox attempts to hunt down an evil yokai wisp that’s stolen their soul.

In Fushi you control a mythical fox who must make their way through the game’s beautiful hand drawn 2D game world to reclaim your soul. Initially you can run, jump, double jump and stick to large leaves which you can then aim your jump out of. As you progress though you unlock new powers, with you able to reverse time and fire ink at enemies and leaves, aiding your progress through the game world.

It takes around fifteen minutes to play through Fushi. The ending is pretty abrupt, but other than that it’s a delight. The hand drawn artwork is beautiful and combines with the soundtrack to create a real air of Japanese mysticism and there’s a nice mixture of puzzles and action platforming gameplay throughout. A fine foxy adventure well worth checking out.

Download Fushi Here (Windows)