Fusion Point – Alpha Download

Fusion Point game download

Fusion Point is a very tough non-combative 3D platforming adventure in which you run, jump, wall-run and dash your way through beautiful sci-fi environments and attempt to discover why your home planet is now in ruins.

In Fusion Point you control an agile adventurer who has just returned to his home planet after a long time away to find it in ruins. You must now explore the world, activating beacons and searching for your kin. It’s quite tricky getting around it, but the world is a joy to behold, full of mystical sci-fi structures, glowing neon and snazzy particle effects.

The core gameplay of Fusion Point is all about traversal of the environment. The levels are very challenging, full of vast chasms that require you to string together a plethora of wall runs, double jumps and dashes to make it to the other side (it’ll take some real skill just to beat the tutorial level). As well as your super cool dashing and jumping abilities, you also have the ability to fire a laser, but it’s only used to activate switches, not for combat – there are no enemies to ruin the hardcore platforming fun.

Fusion Point really impresses with it’s gorgeous sci-fi visuals and fast, fluid precision platforming gameplay. You’ll die often and some sections can look impossible, but the controls are responsive and your move-set allows for some remarkable feats of agility that make you feel like a platforming god when you do finally manage to make it to that next checkpoint. A slick, stylish and super tough precision platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download The Fusion Point Alpha Here (Windows)