Gacha – Game Jam Build

Gacha is a very chilled out little game that sees you playing a gacha machine of life, with each prize you win being a snapshot of a coming of age experience – from trying illegal substances to moving into your own house.

Created for Ludum Dare 44, Gacha is a short and sweet little virtual gacha game where each prize is a toy that represents a snapshot of your life as you become an adult. There are five rounds to the game and in each one you are given $3 in change and can choose which slots you’d like to spend them in ($1, $2 and $3 slots). The prize you win will then be a random coming of age moment which you can then keep. There’s a list of the various prizes you can win and you fan try to unlock them all by playing through the game multiple times. Also, some prizes unlock the ability to win new prizes.

It’s a simple little game with a great hand drawn art style and lots of quirky prizes that take you down memory lane. The prizes in this gacha machine may be virtual, but they still feel more valuable than the cheap plastic tat that you get in most gacha machines!

Download or Play Gacha Here (Windows & Browser)