Galactagirl – Alpha Demo

Galactagirl Game Download

Galactagirl blends Mega Man-style sci-fi action platforming with Sonic The Hedgehog’s inertia and speed to create a fun retro adventure that allows you to chain together rail grinds, jumps, slides and lock-on attacks as you race through each level in as fast a time as possible.

In Galactagirl you set out on a quest to save the galaxy from an invasion of evil Robot Racers and their minions. On first impression it resembles a classic 8-bit Mega Man game with its visual style and action platforming gameplay, but once you make it past the short tutorial, it soon becomes apparent that Galactagirl has more in common with Sega’s blue hedgehog.

Galactagirl is all about speed with you racing your way through its large multi-route levels as fast as possible, and it gives you a nice move set to achieve this. As well as a standard melee attack (which you rarely need to use), you have a Sonic-esque lock on attack, slides, power dives and rail grinds at your disposal. It’s fun when played as a traditional action platformer, but much like Sonic, it really comes into its own in speed runs, as you attempt to figure out fastest routes and chain your moves together in one fluid motion.

It’s still early in development but it already has the making of a great game, with stylish 8-bit styled visuals and super fast paced action platforming gameplay to rival that of a certain blue hedgehog. Well worth checking out for some high speed retro robot wrecking fun.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available