Galactic Pocket Billiards – Beta Demo

Galactic Pocket Billiards is a fun physics based puzzler that sees you attempting to play billiards with asteroids, planets and black holes.

In each level of Galactic Pocket Billiards your goal is to pot an asteroid into a black hole. Things start off fairly simply, but the levels soon get more complex, as it introduces planets with gravitational pulls, wormholes, gas giants and deadly clusters of rocks. As well as your primary objective, each level also has two bonus stars to collect which allow you to hit the asteroid (or a planet) again and there are also two secret objectives, such as ‘complete the level with one shot’ or ‘send all the space junk into the black hole’.

The current Beta demo build features a nice selection of levels, a challenge mode, a level editor and a variety of minigames (a particular highlight is zero gravity space pool where the balls and table have no friction whatsoever). The visuals are fairly simple, but it’s a fun game – there’s a certain pleasure to be had in watching all the interplanetary carnage unfold after a well placed shot. An addictive little puzzler that lets you play billiards on an epic scale.

Note: If you’re taking a second shot in a level be sure to aim the cue a little ahead of the asteroid or you’ll miss.

Download The Galactic Pocket Billiards Beta Demo Here (Windows, Linux & Android)