GALAHAD 3093 – Open Beta

GALAHAD 3093 is a 32 player mech-based hero shooter where you customize and pilot heavily armed mechs that are based on Arthurian legend.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up last year, GALAHAD 3093 is an incredibly cool looking hero shooter where highly mobile and heavily armed mechs do battle. The mech pilots (Knights), and their mechs (Lances) draw inspiration from the legends of King Arthur, and they all have unique skills and abilities that suit different playstyles.

Battles take place in large environments with a lot of verticality, where claiming the higher ground is often an advantage. You can combine Knights and Lances with customizable loadouts, with a wide selection of weapons, deployable systems and hundreds of different upgrade modules to choose from. No matter what your tactics are, teamwork is key though, go it alone and you’re likely to be outgunned pretty quickly.

With large scale battles between massive mechanical mechs and a healthy dose of Arthurian legend, GALAHAD 3093 sure does look like a hell of a lot of fun. The Open Beta starts today (the 19th) at 7:00pm CST and ends on Sunday, March 28th 10:00pm CST. You can sign up now and download the Beta to be ready for the mech-battling carnage though.

Sign Up For The GALAHAD 3093 Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)