Galaxy Brawl – Kickstarter Demo

Galaxy Brawl puts you in charge of a space pirate dreadnought in strategic space battles that see you managing resources on-the-fly as you destroy swarms of enemy ships.

Galaxy Brawl looks like a top down sci-fi shooter but in reality it’s more of an RTS with a mobile base of operations. Your ship is quite slow moving but heavily armed and can dispatch most of the smaller enemies without too much hassle. You can direct the turrets to fire on specific targets, but most of the time you’re best off leaving them to fire at incoming enemies automatically – you’ll have plenty of other stuff to keep yourself buy anyway!

There’s a lot to keep a space pirate captain busy in Galaxy Brawl – you need to navigate the ship around the arena, send out a harvesting ship to collect resources dropped from destroyed ships, manage turret power and use a selection of high powered cooldown-based weaponry. For such a slow moving ship, the battles can get pretty intense, particularly once the enemy starts firing area based weaponry and you have to move out the area before it hits.

It can be pretty tricky to wrap your head around initially (particularly as there isn’t a tutorial), but once you get to grips with the combat in Galaxy Brawl it’s a very addictive experience. It’s offers a unique take on real time space combat, with superior strategy, resource management and multitasking being the key to your success. Well worth checking out for spectacle-filled Sci-Fi space battles with a healthy does of strategy.

Important Notes: We HIGHLY recommend checking out the Quick Guide in the top right corner of the start menu screen before playing as there are lots of key bindings you’ll need to know. When playing the game click ‘ARRR’ to start the combat.

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