Galaxy Champions T.V. – Alpha Download

Galaxy Champions T.V. is an incredibly intense Smash T.V. inspired twin stick arcade shooter that sees you going from kill room to kill room, blasting enemies, collecting cash and levelling up with stackable upgrades.

Galaxy Champions T.V. is a very hard game, with hordes of enemies constantly charging at you and your primary weapon that’s really not capable of holding them back. Respite from the onslaught comes in the form of temporary power-ups – specifically the high powered shotgun and machine gun upgrades that are dropped when you shoot the little white droids that scuttle about the arena. Once picked up these weapons can eviscerate an entire room, but they have very limited ammo so you need to make the most of them and do your best to pick up another one as soon as possible.

As you progress you’ll level up and unlock stackable upgrades, such as allowing you to upgrade the guns, increase your max HP or increasing your speed. With each room the enemies get much tougher though, so even with a nice selection of upgrades you’ll still need some pretty fast reflexes to stand any chance of survival.

Galaxy Champions T.V. is still early in development, but it’s already a fun, addictive and satisfyingly challenging game with super fast paced run and gun gameplay that has you on the back foot from the first shot fired until your inevitable demise. Good luck in that arena – you’ll need it!

Note: Be sure to shoot the little white bots that scuttle around the arena – they hold the weapon power-ups you’ll need to survive!

Download The Galaxy Champions T.V. Alpha Here (Windows)