Gallius – Student Project Game

Gallius is a fast paced retro action platforming rogue-lite that plays a little like a condensed version of Rogue Legacy as you battle through randomized dungeons, fight bosses and earn permanent upgrades that help you on future runs.

In Gallius you are given a choice of three character classes (Rogue, Mage and Knight), each with their own unique skills, and you must venture forth into a randomly generated dungeon to defeat an evil wizard that is threatening your kingdom. There are three floors to travel through, each containing a random selection of single screen levels and a boss to defeat. It’s unlikely you’ll beat the bosses on your first try as your character is pretty weak. However, as you make your way through the dungeons you’ll collect cash which can be used to purchase permanent upgrades that can help.

It’s a simple, but fun little adventure with a fantastic 8-bit visual style, epic boss fights and addictive action platforming gameplay. If you liked Rogue Legacy you’ll really get a kick out of this mini rogue-like adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Gallius Here (Click On “Télécharger le jeu”)