Game Over – Game Jam Build

Game Over

Game Over is a beautiful, chilled out puzzle platformer set in a minimalistic isometric world, with some Escher-esque visual trickery thrown in to make things a little tougher.

Created for Global Game Jam 2015, Game Over features nine uniquely themed levels, all unlocked via a central hub.  It features intuitive gameplay that rewards experimentation, and an overall goal of reaching the exits of the levels as fast as possible.

The platforming mechanics are fairly rudimentary, but what makes Game Over stand out is it’s beautiful visual design and relaxed zen-like atmosphere.  It’s a joy to exlplore the cubic levels of Game Over, each one looking like a mini Escher-esque art exhibit.  Development on Game Over has continued since the Jam finished, which is great news as we’d love to see more of this wonderful isometric world.  Game Over?  Game on!

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Play Game Over in a Unity Supported Browser HERE (may take a moment to load)