Gangs of Sherwood – Beta Demo

Gangs of Sherwood is a co-op multiplayer third person fantasy action RPG where Robin Hood and his merry men attempt to steal the Lion Heart from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s flying castle.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Gangs of Sherwood is a fantasy action RPG with Soulslike elements. It takes place in a fantasy world full of performance enhanced soldiers and huge war machines, and sees you robbing from the rich to save your people.

The Gangs of Sherwood demo features a large chunk of gameplay and allows you to play as Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John. It’s playable with up to four players and each character has their own unique play style, weapons and powerful combos. The combat is fast paced and action packed, and you’ll face off against some powerful foes. See how much wealth you can liberate from those greedy rich people!

Download The Gangs of Sherwood Beta Demo Here (Steam)