Garden Story – Alpha Demo

Garden Story is a very charming social simulation RPG adventure where you are appointed as the guardian of a village filled with quirky fruit-based inhabitants.

In Garden Story you take control of an adorable little berry who has just been appointed as the guardian of your village. You’ll help to restore the dilapidated island your community lives on, while completing quests, making friends, solving puzzles, battling enemies and doing a little gardening.

The demo build features a sizeable chink of gameplay and serves as a great introduction to the whimsical world and its charming fruity inhabitants. It’s a very pleasant place to hang out and you never feel like you’re in too much peril (even when battling slime monsters). The pixel art animation is excellent, there’s lots to discover on your adventures and it’s a joy to get to know your fruity friends. A fab little fruity adventure well worth picking up.

Download The Garden Story Alpha Demo Here (Steam)