Garrison: Archangel – Alpha Download

Garrison Archangel Game Download

Garrison: Archangel is a super cool arena combat game with fast paced, spectacle-filled action as players do battle in highly customisable and super agile fighting mechs.

Garrison: Archangel draws inspiration from Anime and classic mech games such as Virtual On, Gundam Vs and Armored core, but also draws a little from fast paced third person action games like Vanquish. In it players pilot mechs known as Archangels, which can be fully customised with lots of cool weaponry and equipment that them to tailor their mech to their play style.

It’s playable in single player Arcade Mode or Custom Mode. Arcade Mode pits you and your customised mech against a series of deadly mechs, while Custom Mode allows up to four players to do battle in local multiplayer. The combat it fast paced and relentless, with nowhere to hide from your foe’s attacks – you have to dodge and weave your way around the arena while letting fly with your own dual wielding firepower and melee attacks. The amount of variety afforded by the mech customisation adds a nice bit of depth the proceedings too, and even in these early stages of production the visuals ave very polished.

It’s still early in development so isn’t feature complete yet (there are plans to add more mecha parts, armaments, attachments, maps and game modes), but what’s on offer in the Alpha is already very impressive. If you even have a passing interest in giant mechs beating the crap out of each other, you won’t regret strapping in for this marvellous mech throw down.

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Download The Garrison: Archangel Alpha Here (Windows)