Garuda Emblem – Beta Demo

Garuda Emblem is a beautifully animated free-roaming beat ’em up adventure where a new university student finds the campus invaded by gangsters.

In Garuda Emblem you are starting your first day at the University of Rungeon. However, not long after you walk through the entrance gates a mob of gangsters start trashing the place in search of a mysterious USB drive. It’s up to you to keep that USB drive out of their clutches and save the university.

The core gameplay of Garuda Emblem is similar to a traditional Streets of Rage style beat ’em up, with a variety of attacks, special moves and weapons to pummel your enemies with. The design of the game world is much different though – it’s much more of an open world which you can freely roam back and forth though. The areas are also filled with friendly NPCs that you can stop and talk to for a while.

It’s a novel take on the beat ’em up genre that infuses a bit more depth to the gameplay and has an interesting game would that’s not just for walking through and punching people. A clever evolution of the genre well worth checking out.

Download The Garuda Emblem Beta Demo Here (Windows)