Gaunt Valkyr – Beta Download

Gaunt Valkyr is a roguelike top-down shooter where you blast your way through monster-filled levels to avoid an incoming flood.

In Gaunt Valkyr you take control of a gun-toting hero as they blast their way through an apocalyptic world filled with mutants, monsters and deadly machines. The game features an overlying map world where you can select different levels and the water level rises each time you move to a new location. In each level you need to find a key and reach the exit, and there are also often gun, weapon mods or loot chests along the way to pick up.

It’s a very tough, but addictive game, with fast paced gameplay, excellent pixel art animation and a nice selection of weapons and enemies to deal with. A very promising top-down looter shooter roguelike that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Download Gaunt Valkyr Here (Windows)