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Gears of Eden blends exploration, crafting and survival elements in an ambitious story driven sci-fi adventure that’s set long after humans have gone extinct and the sentient machines that they left behind have started searching for their maker.

In Gears of Eden the human race is long dead (rumors of it being due to a Trumpocalypse have neither been confirmed or denied) and are now only remembered as mythical beings by the intelligent machines that they left in their wake. These machines have evolved and built a huge civilisation and have now begun to question life and to search for their creator. However, while undertaking this quest the machines are in grave danger of awakening an age old conflict that could destroy the whole galaxy.

In the game you control a small machine who has just awoken, alone, lost in the depths of space and just coming to grips with the fact that you’re ‘awake’ at all and sentient. Once you come to grips that you are a ‘you’ and not an ‘it’, you set of on an epic adventure looking for some answers…

The gameplay in Gears of Eden draws inspiration from Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and Portal, with you exploring planets, gathering resources, crafting upgrades, deploying drones, meeting unique characters, completing missions and discovering the lore of this post-human universe. The full version will also feature character customization, mod support, base building, a trade economy, mini-games and online multiplayer gameplay.

It’s an interesting game that does look a little bit basic visually at the moment, but it shows a lot of promise, and the prospect of exploring a universe where humanity is extinct and machines rule is very enticing indeed. Sign up now to join the robot revolution!

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