Gehenna – Student Project Game Download

Gehenna is a creepy first person horror adventure with occult overtones, which sees you attempting to solve a mysterious puzzle box to escape the hellish limbo you are trapped in.

In Gehenna you take on the role of a young 19th century missionary woman who has been overcome by a dark force that’s pushing her into madness. She finds herself trapped within a hellish limbo, filled with nightmarish visions and must solve a mysterious puzzle box if she hopes to escape.

Taking around 30 minutes to playthrough, Gehenna does have a few rough edges, but it really impresses with its narrative, voice acting and puzzle design. There are a few jump scares that don’t really land as well as they could, but it’s got a very tense atmosphere and the feeling of dread as you explore the games disturbing hellscape is palpable.

It’s a dark and cerebral horror adventure that can be quite unsettling as your character desperately tries to cling on to her sanity. A descent into darkness that really gets under your skin.

Important Note: You can rotate the puzzle box by pressing the A/D keys.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Gehenna Here (Windows)