Geminis – Game Jam Build


Geminis is an interesting platformer made for the Ludum Dare 33, in which you play conjoined twins who grudgingly perform at a circus, performing highwire acts and utilising their rather gross ability to separate to solve puzzles.

These conjoined twins are the freak show act at a circus. You, the stronger sister, can detach and reattach to your twin. You are able to switch between each person, to push boxes around platforms and solve puzzles. You are unable to jump, so switching characters and leaving one behind is essential. After you have completed a puzzle, you are able to walk to the tightrope and end your day.

In between each day, you start to learn a bit about these sisters, why one always looks so sad, unwilling to really help out. These little cutscenes are beautiful to look at, and add quite a bit of story to the game. The unhappy sister does not want this kind of life – being a freak. You can choose to fight with her, or comfort her. Each cutscene will always come to an end, as there is always another show to perform and another audience to entertain in this well crafted pixel art puzzler.

Note: If you screw up a level press ‘F’ to restart it.

Download or Play Geminis Here (Win & Browser)