Genana’s Ordeal – Tech Demo

Genana’s Ordeal is a dark psychological horror adventure where you use facial expressions to decide how your character will react after being abducted by a psychopath and enrolled in an abduction/murder spree.

In Genana’s Ordeal you follow the story of a normal family man who is abducted by a crazy old lady called Genana. She’s not only abducted him, but also managed to brainwash/manipulate him into thinking she did him a favor by getting him out of his old life. They are now partners who set out to help other people get out of the lives they’re trapped in, by either abdcuting or killing them.

The Genana’s Ordeal tech demo is fairly short and sees you manipulating the faces of Genana and her victim as they chat while driving along a road. The face manipulation mechanics are like a more detailed version of the start-up screen of Mario 64, with you able to grab different parts of the face and pull it to form different expressions. Once you’re happy with your expression you continue the story and the expression dictates how the character reacts in the conversation.

At the moment there doesn’t really seem to be a huge correlation between the facial expression you choose and the dialogue option it triggers. However, it’s a great concept, the narrative is intriguing, the visuals are great and the facial manipulation is a lot of fun. It does show a lot of promise, but it would be nice if there was a better indication of what your facial expression will trigger before deciding on it.

Download The Genana’s Ordeal Tech Demo Here (Windows)