Geneshift – Beta Demo

Geneshift Game Download

Geneshift is a very cool top down shooter packed with brutal combat, multiplayer mayhem, crazy vehicular carnage, mutant powers, high calibre weaponry and hordes of zombies.

Geneshift will feature a full campaign mode that can be played in co-op or single player, but currently the single level in the demo build serves more as a tutorial and it’s the competitive multiplayer modes that offer the most fun. It plays a little like if GTA was infused with a MOBA, with intense matches filled with chaotic gunfights, vehicular carnage, upgradeable mutant skills and a currency system that allows you to buy powerful weaponry. There’s a nice selection of game modes such as capture the flag, extraction and checkpoint races, and the cool mutant powers, ranging from teleportation to plasma balls, do a lot to spice up the proceedings.

It’s still in development so does have a few rough edges, but Geneshift already offers a wonderfully chaotic serving of OTT competitive multiplayer carnage full of drive-bys, zombie blasting and superpowers. Well worth checking out for some top down mutant mayhem.

Download the Geneshift Beta Demo Here or Here (Win & Linux)