Genesis Noir – Beta Demo

Genesis Noir is a stylish, strange and downright groovy musical puzzle adventure that sees you visiting black holes, asteroid fields and jazz cafes as you attempt to stop the Big Bang.

In Genesis Noir you step into the shoes of a godly entity who is attempting to stop the Big Bang – the birth of the universe and constantly expanding force of destruction that will eventually propel the Earth into the fragile heart of a god. You don’t really get much of that narrative in the current build though – instead you travel through the stars, explore a vibrant city and jam with a fellow Jazz musician.

It’s a very strange game that’s told through a series of beautifully rendered interactive vignettes and comic book-esque frames. Your interactions with the game world are very tactile, with you clicking or dragging objects on screen and often creating some groovy freeform Jazz tunes in the process. It’s not too hard to get to grips with, but you will need to experiment a little to figure out what you need to do in each area.

Even in the current demo build, Genesis Noir delivers an experience like no other. It’s a slick, stylish and super cool audio/visual extravaganza that makes your toes tap and your head bob. A captivating space jazz noir adventure that takes you on one hell of a trip. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Genesis Noir Beta Demo Here (Win & Mac)