Gerty – Beta Download


Gerty is a super tough resource mining Sci-Fi roguelike shooter in which you play a nameless clone sent on a quest to recover four lost relics.

In Gerty, players must mine through the fully destructible environments, collecting a resource known as ‘Juice’, defeating enemies, earning XP and upgrading their character with various abilities. There’s a nice selection of random upgrades that can be purchased to give you a chance against the swarming enemies, but unlike most roguleilkes, it may not be advisable to scour the entire map, milking it for resources – as Dune-style worms constanlty spawn, spewing out their young who can quickly overwhelm you if you’re not careful.

The current build of Gerty features one world (split into four procedurally generated levels), 12 different upgrades, 7 types of monster, local co-op for up to 4 players, 2 playable characters and one boss fight. There’s promise of lots more to come though, and the satisfyingly tough difficulty level means it’ll take quite some time to master the current build and defeat the boss anyway. If you’re up for a game that offers a real challenge, you’ll really dig this great sci-fi mining roguelike shooter.

Download The Gerty Beta Here (Win, Mac & Linux)