Gestalt: Steam & Cinder – Beta Demo

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a non-linear 2D pixel art action adventure where an elite mercenary sets out to thwart the corrupt overseers of a vast steampunk city.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Pre-Alpha, Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is an action adventure that has gameplay and visuals inspired by 16-bit/32-bit classics, and a narrative-rich and immersive non-linear steampunk world. In the game you take control of a skilled mercenary who stumbles upon some strange devices while out on a job. Devices that may help you fight back against the corrupt overseers that rule the city.

The gameplay in Gestalt: Steam & Cinder feels fast, fun and arcadey, with responsive combat and a clever mechanic that requires you to do melee attacks to charge your gun ammo. As you progress you can also unlock new abilities and stat upgrades via a large skill tree.

The quality of the pixel art backgrounds and animations in Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is incredible and its sprawling steampunk city is a fascinating place to explore (and filled with secrets). It’s a place you can really immerse yourself in as you meet interesting characters, unravel an intriguing story and beat up anyone who gets in your way! Highly recommended.

Download The Gestalt: Steam & Cinder Beta Demo Here (Steam)