get CARNAGE!!! – Alpha Demo

get carnage game

get CARNAGE!!! is a ridiculously tough top down hardcore twin stick tank shooter in which you take on entire armies with one agile little tank.

Failure is a common occurrence in get CARNAGE!!!. It’s easy to get carried away and charge head first into a mass of enemy troops – at which point you won’t survive long. You’re far better exercising caution, slowly exploring the battlefield, picking off enemies and collecting whatever health bonuses you can. Being cautious is easier said than done though – the hardcore metal soundtrack, fast paced arcade gameplay and bombastic explosions spur you on, urging you to charge into the action for a fun, but short lived killing spree.

The need for caution and the drive for carnage are at odds with each other every time you play the game – you can let loose now and again, but you’ll need to show some restraint if you want to make it to the end of a level (especially the night time one). It’s a fun game, packed full of bombastic ballistic carnage, adrenaline-fuelled gameplay and super tough combat against overwhelming enemy forces. Keep your head and your little tank might just make it through in one piece!

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Download dThe Greenlight Alpha demo Here (Windows)