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Get To The Orange Door is a very cool blend of first person shooting, cloning, time-bending and parkour in which you attempt to reach an orange door at the end of its sprawling, stylish and surreal levels.

Get To The Orange Door draws inspiration from SUPERHOT and Mirrors Edge, with its stylish first person combat and focus on parkour as you run, jump, slide, wall-run and dash your way around it’s bizarre cyberworld. As well as a nice selection of weaponry (including a very cool cybersword) and a nifty repertoire of parkour skills, you also have the ability to slow down time and create clones of yourself. These clones are particularly handy as they not only draw enemy fire, but also fire back and kill plenty of enemies too.

You’ll need all of these abilities and weaponry as you make it through the strange cyberworld of Get To The Orange Door, as each level is packed with enemies and tricky level design that will test your skills in different ways. There’s a lot of content in the current build, including a tutorial, a selection of levels from the main campaign, challenge modes, horde mode and a super hard one-hit-kill classic mode. These modes offer a lot of variety and are all great fun. The sprawling maps and eclectic visual style of the levels in the main campaign can often feel like they lack direction, but they’re still great fun and packed full of interesting content.

It still has a few rough edges, but Get To The Orange Door shows a lot of promise, the combat and parkour are a blast, and the whole the whole TRON-esque cyberworld visual style is very cool. With a bit more refinement and focus to the level design this could be an incredible game, but even in these early stages of development it’s a door that’s well worth opening!

Note: We had an issue with the game crashing at the end of the tutorial. We’d recommend playing through the tutorial once, but if the game does crash you don’t need to play through it again – just turn around at the start of the game where it says ‘Turn Around’ and go through the orange door in front of you to skip the tutorial and continue the game.

UPDATE: This Alpha is No Longer Available

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  1. hi i so your game and it looks AMAZING but my computer is pretty lame so i would like to know what is the min graphic card to run it?
    i have gts 250.
    thank you.

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