Ghetto Conspiracy – Alpha Demo

Ghetto Conspiracy is a funny retro point and click adventure with lots of drink, drugs and debauchery (and the occasional homicidal murder), which sees a wannabe rapper called lucas unravelling a reptilian conspiracy.

Ghetto Conspiracy uses a classic SCUMM style interface but the game’s content is a little more mature (or immature depending on your viewpoint) than the classic Lucasarts point and click adventures. In the game you take control of Lucas, a rather bad wannabe rapper who stumbles onto a mysterious reptilian conspiracy in his little France hometown.

The current from build of Ghetto Conspiracy features around 30 minutes of gameplay and takes place at a party Lucas is attending with two of his friends. The puzzle design is satisfyingly challenging and feels very much like the type of puzzle you’d get in a classic Lucasarts game (albeit with more drinking and drug taking). There are some interesting characters to meet at the party too – one of which is a homicidal killer who’s too shy to put his CD on the stereo system.

Whether you like Ghetto Conspiracy or not will depend on your sense of humor, but it’s a fun little adventure with some great pixel art animation, tricky puzzles and a narrative that promises to go to some pretty strange places. A Ghetto Conspiracy theory well worth investigating.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ghetto Conspiracy Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)