Ghost City Rising – Alpha Download


Ghost City Rising is a fun first person roguelite in which you attempt to scale a high rise apartment block that’s packed full of haunted furniture!

In Ghost City Rising you smash up possessed furniture, collect their eyeballs, and make your way up the increasingly challenging procedurally generated levels of a haunted apartment block. Things start of fairly easily on the bottom floor, but the difficulty soon starts to ramp up as you progress, and your health doesn’t regenerate so you’ll have to be careful as you explore the building.

If you’re observant, you can spot the furniture that’s haunted before they attack as they move a little bit and have 2 giant eyes attached to them (normally furniture doesn’t tend to have eyes!). But even the most observant of players will get caught out by the odd ambush and the game is always introducing new types of furniture to throw at you. If you search around you can find new weapons and equipment hidden around the building, and there’s also plenty of pictures of cats lying around to throw!

Ghost City Rising is still very early in development, and the dev is planning to add a lots of new features (including special rooms, bonus games, themed floors, hero classes and more enemies), but even in it’s current state, the core haunted-furniture-smashing gameplay is great fun. Just don’t play for extended periods or you’ll start getting suspicious of your own furniture at home!

Download The Ghost City Rising Alpha Build Here (Win & Mac)