Ghost Dance – Game Jam Build

Ghost Dance is a surreal first person horror adventure where you travel into David Lynch’s dreams and collect picture fragments in a series of scenes inspired by his work.

Taking place within a beautiful, bizarre, retro, meta, surreal horror fever dream, Ghost Dance pays homage to some of David Lynch’s greatest work. In the game you find yourself in what appears to be David Lynch dream world, where he asks for your help finding the fragments he needs to rebuild it. To do this you need to venture into four different surreal horror scenes inspired by his movies and a certain cult classic TV show.

Each scene that you enter requires you to find a certain amount of picture fragments within its game world and features a different core gameplay mechanic/rule that you have to adhere to – so you may have to stop moving when the music stops or always keep your eyes on a certain character when he appears. As you explore you’ll also meet and chat to a variety of familiar faces, a rubber duck and a Jeremy – many of which will give you some insights into the surreal world you’re exploring (apart from Jeremy, he’s not very talkative).

Exploring the bizarre David Lynch inspired worlds of Ghost Dance is an absolute delight. You’re never sure what oddities await around the next corner, the retro PS1-era art style works extremely well, it shakes up the gameplay in each new scene you visit and it’s genuinely scary at times. David Lynch doesn’t make games, but if he did you’d like to think it’d be a lot like Ghost Dance. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ghost Dance Here (Windows & Linux)