Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Open Beta (Steam)

ghost in the shell game

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is a team-based tactical online multiplayer first person shooter in which you play an augmented super-soldier battling terrorists on the streets of the Ghost in the Shell world.

We covered Ghost in the Shell: First Assault a last September when it was in its closed Beta phase, and had fun with the characters special abilities and brutal OTT combat.  Each character in the game has their own unique special abilities and load-outs, such as Motoko Kusanagi’s ‘Therm-optic Camouflage’ cloaking technology or Saito’s ability to enhance his vision and highlight enemy soldiers.  As you progress you unlock enhanced abilities, weapon attachments and body augmentations.  It also encourages teamwork by allowing players to share their abilities with nearby team-mates through it’s innovative ‘SkillSync’ feature.

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault seems very much to still be a work in progress as it still has a lot of issues with balancing, netcode and excessive grinding, but it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of the series or are looking for some brutal, bloody Anime-style FPS action.

Download the Open Beta Here (Steam)