Ghost Of Tomorrow – Alpha Download

Ghost Of Tomorrow is a creepy time travelling paranormal adventure where you get a glimpse of a future where you’ve been murdered.

In Ghost Of Tomorrow you take on the role of a young woman named Amanda who wakes up alone in her apartment one day and starts to experience time slips that tell the events of her murder. As you explore your apartment the story unfolds and find that it’s not just time that’s getting a little freaky – your apartment gets a radical redesign and freaky ghosts haunt the hallways.

The current Alpha build of Ghost Of Tomorrow takes around 15 minutes to play through and offers a nice mixture of atmosphere, scares and narrative. The audio and visual design is very high quality and some of the scares are very well executed. The time travelling-aspect is a great addition and it makes for a very intriguing narrative as you unravel the events surrounding your premature demise.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ghost Of Tomorrow Alpha Here (Windows)