Ghost Study – Game Jam Build Download

Ghost Study is a tense and atmospheric retro styled first person horror game where you take part in a study about low-frequency ghost sounds, which has some undesirable effects!

Created for the SCREAM FM game jam, in Ghost Study you take part in a study that investigates the effects on ultra low-frequency sounds on the human body. This simply requires you to insert a CD into your wonderfully retro portable discman and listen to it in your bedroom. However, it’s not long before you start the CD that things start to get weird. You have visions, hear creepy noises and mysterious notes start to appear. These low-frequency sounds are creating a high-stress situation!

You can play through Ghost Study in under 10 minutes, but there’s a fun little ARG element to it as well that takes a little longer to figure out. It’s a very creepy game with some fun jump scares and a great little story. The retro styled visuals work well and the fact that the low-frequency sound plays the entire time is very unsettling!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ghost Study Here (Windows & Linux)