Ghostly Getaway – Game Jam Build

Ghostly Getaway, a haunted sokoban style puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 43, see you trying to get you freedom back by killing yourself and escaping various jail cells.

You and your family have been locked up and it is going to take some sacrifice to actually get yourselves back out! You play a cowboy, who must push blocks, activate fans, and find their way to the gated door. You have no key to get through the door but if you can find a way to leave your earthly body and become a ghost, you’ll be able to pass through the bars into the next room.

Before you kill yourself in each level, you will need to find a pig – one that you can use as an extra life. This may sound strange (because it is) but as long as you pick up a pig before you kill yourself on spikes (or other hazard), you can turn into a ghost that passes right through the doors. As you get deeper into this prison, you will start to find new items to play around with – buttons to be pushed, fans to move blocks, and conveyor belts to name a few.

Ghostly Getaway is a very polished puzzle game which requires real thought and forward planning to solve its cleverly crafted levels. The pixel art animation is excellent and the puzzle design is excellent throughout – it’s not often in games that you have to work so hard to kill yourself!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Ghostly Getaway Here (Browser & Windows)