Ghostrunner 2 – Beta Demo

Grab your katana and cyberbike, Ghostrunner 2 has a Beta demo available now to download and it’s ridiculously cool!

As mentioned during the Beta sign up, Ghostrunner 2 follows on after the events of the original and will see you venturing outside the Dharma Tower. It still has the original’s blend cyber ninja parkour action with high-stakes one-hit-kill combat, but it has a reworked progression system and gives you a badass cyberbike to roll out on.

The demo takes around half an hour to play through and sees you attempting to hunt down a target in the Dharma Tower. You start off on foot where the game introduces some new enemies and mechanics, and then you get to take the bike for a spin.

The bike is a lot of fun (particularly the way it drives up walls) but it does end up making your on-foot running speed feel a little slow by comparison (hopefully it’ll be possible to unlock some speed boosts throughout the game). It’s a very promising demo though and the glimpse of the outside world at the end will instantly make you want to wishlist the game!

Download The Ghostrunner 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)