Ghosts ‘n DJs – Alpha Demo

ghosts n DJs

What would you do if a celebrity started pretending to do your job, badly and got paid a fortune for it?  Well DJ and music producer Dr. Kucho has had this very problem, in the form of crap celebrity DJs who just turn up and press a button, and has decided to make a Ghosts ‘n Goblins-style retro arcade game out of it – Ghosts ‘n DJs.

In Ghosts ‘n DJs you play Dr. Kucho, as he battles his way through a rather tough side scrolling retro action game, fighting off hordes of naff DJs such as ‘Paris Sheratan’ and ‘Pitbullshit’.  It’s no masterpiece but it fun to play, feels a lot like it’s GnG inspiration and does make you smile – especially when you see some of the DJs combat moves.

Still very early in development, we’d love to see this expanded on, with more crap DJs to beat up and more bonafide DJs to play as.  As it stands though, it’s a fun and challenging slice of retro action with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek.

Find out more about Dr Kucho HERE

Check out the Kickstarter & Download the Free Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux – The download pages are a little confusing, make sure you press the link that says ‘Click here to start download from sendspace‘)