GiAnt – Alpha Demo

GiAnt Game

GiAnt is a fun new first person platforming adventure that shows you the world from a new perspective – with you taking control of Adam the Ant as he avoids chickens, dogs and humans, navigates obstacles and searches the world for sweets to take back to his colony.

Seeing the world from an ants-eye-view is a very cool experience, as everyday objects loom over you and chickens, dogs and humans turn into titanic monsters that you tangle with at your peril. Thankfully, as well as being big, humans are also slow, dumb and messy, so a nimble little ant such as yourself should be able to avoid and outwit them, and collect any tasty food they’ve dropped. You’re equipped with an ‘Andar’ which will help you find the food, and even get some assistance from the rest of the colony as they provide you with items and pull together form ‘Ant Bridges’ to help you access new areas.

It’s a joy exploring the world of GiAnt, solving puzzles, avoiding enemies and returning home with your candy. Sure, it’s not an easy life being a tiny ant in a big world, but it is great fun!

Download The GiAnt Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)