Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Beta Demo

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a very stylish physics-based speed-focused platforming adventure where you control a gibbon as it swings through the forest with its family.

In Gibbon: Beyond the Trees you take control of an agile pink gibbon as it goes on a journey and swings through the forest and surrounding area. The controls are pretty unique and easily accessible, with you holding the left trigger to run (or slide down slopes) and the right trigger to swing. To jump you simply let go of whichever trigger you’re holding and later on you also get the ability to do somersaults.

Sliding down slopes is the fastest traversal method, followed by swinging, and running is the slowest. The trick to the game is figuring out routes and timing your different actions correctly to get a good flow of movement as you race through each level. While you do this, the backgrounds help tell a story of the struggle the gibbons have in the modern world.

It could do with a few more tricks and something to add a bit of variety to the gameplay (as even in the demo it starts to get a little repetitive), but it is a visually stunning game and there’s a real joy to the way the gibbons swing through the landscape. It’s a fantastic control system that has a nice sense of flow to it, and the levels allow for plenty of player freedom. See if you can become the king of the swingers!

Download The Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Beta Demo Here (Steam)