Gibson Hyperdrive – Prototype

Gibson Hyperdrive

Gibson Hyperdrive is a very cool futuristic bike racing game that sees you driving at break neck speeds along super tough procedurally generated floating tracks.

Playing like a bat-shit-crazy mix of Super Hexagon an F-Zero, Gibson Hyperdrive impresses with it’s speed, striking visual style and audio design.  Played entirely with A, D and Spacebar, you simply have to stay on the track for as long as possible.  This is easier said than done though, as the randomly generated courses are devilishly tough.

It’s worth noting that the current build is still very early in development, and the dev still has plenty more planned additions, such as new visuals, a choice of bikes, levels, and a few more surprises.  It’s already a blast to play though, an addictive, adrenaline fuelled experience, with you attempting to cling to the track for dear life.

Tip: Even if you leave the track, you’ll still have a small chance of rejoining it if you continue rotating your bike.

Follow Gibson Hyperdrive’s Development HERE

Play the Prototype in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

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  1. I took a run at this

    Not bad, but the map is totaly random, I do not know where to go xD But I like it, Will be nice to see the progress of this. The music was really nice. I love to see a soundtrack in the meny.

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