#GIFingAround – Beta Sign Up (Desktop & Mobile)


It may come as no surprise that we love GIFs at Alpha Beta Gamer.  So what better than a game created entirely from them?  #GIFingAround is a fun cross platform party game that allows you to use any GIF from the Internet to create the funniest response to a statement.

A little like Cards Against Humanity but with GIFs, each round starts with a player acting as the Original Poster who must submit a reaction-inducing post.  The rest of the players then choose a response from the selection of random GIFs they’ve been dealt and the Original Poster selects the funniest.

Coming to Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android, #GIFingAround is a fun game, and even allows you to use custom GIFs from the net.  However, as we’ve created a GIF of a GIF-based game, we’re in imminent danger of creating an infinite GIF-loop and breaking the internet.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that!

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