GIGABUSTER – Kickstarter Demo

GIGABUSTER is a very stylish and action packed old school action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Mega Man Zero and Mega Man X as you run, jump, blast and slice your way through beautifully animated levels.

In GIGABUSTER you must break into the headquarters of nine powerful companies who are planning to merge and fund the ‘Happiness Project ’ – a project which is likely to only bring happiness to those who run it and misery to the rest. The Kickstarter demo features around 15 minutes of gameplay, with one large level to make your way through and a CEO boss to battle. You have a nice array of movement abilities and attacks, all beautifully animated with high quality cartony visuals.

The current build of GIGABUSTER is only playable in browsers and it feels like the framerate suffers a little because of that. A downloadable version would be preferable, but even in its current form GIGABUSTER is very impressive, with excellent animation, challenging level design and plenty of baddies to blast. It’s an enjoyable little old school action platforming adventure with lush visuals and plenty of flair.

Check Out the GIGABUSTER Kickstarter Page Here

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The GIGABUSTER Kickstarter Demo Build Here (Browser)