Gigantic – Beta Sign Up (Xbox One & PC)


Gigantic is a great looking 3rd person 5 on 5 arena action game that we first covered when it was in Alpha last year, in which teams battle alongside gigantic guardians, capable of crushing enemies with a single blow.

In essence Gigantic is a MOBA that plays like a third person shooter with huge monsters and has gorgeous Pixar-quality visuals.  A little like Atari’s Minimum, both teams work to level up an power up their guardian – massive colossi that tower over the battlefield and rain down pain on your opponents.

Players have a choice of 16 characters at the moment, and there should be something there for everybody, from tanks to archers.  Matches are full of intense action and always finish in a spectacular climax, thanks to the presence of the guardians.  It’s a MOBA for people who like 3rd person shooters, and it’s shaping up to be a damn fine one too.  Big fun.

Sign Up for the Gigantic Beta HERE (Xbox One & Windows)