Gigantic – Open Beta (PC & Xbox One)


Gigantic is a gorgeous looking 3rd person team based MOBA in which teams fight alongside their massive guardian, whilst attempting to destroy the opposition and their guardian.

In Gigantic players can choose from 16 unique heroes, each with their own special skills and attributes which can be upgraded throughout a match. Teams battle each other, claiming points across the map which can be used to summon their massive, powerful Guardians, who then go on a rampage across the battlefield.

Gigantic has been in development for a while now (we first covered the Alpha sign up back in 2014), but it looks like it’s pretty much ready for a full release now. The combat is fast paced and fun, with plenty of MOBA-style tactics, the cartoony visuals are spectacular and it’s hard not to be awe-struck when the gigantic Guardians go on a rampage. Gigantic is in Open Beta now on Windows and Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold is required for Xbox One), so join in now to go Gigantic!

Find Out More Info About The Gigantic Open Beta Here

Xbox One Owners Can Download Gigantic Via The Xbox One Store

PC Players Will Need To Download Arc Then Look For Gigantic In The Game List