GigaSword – Alpha Demo

GigaSword is a beautifully animated retro styled puzzle action platforming metroidvania where your sword is so huge that it weighs you down and you need to relinquish it a times to aid your progress.

In GigaSword your sword is a great asset, but also a hindrance – it packs one hell of a hit and it can be used to activate machinery, but it’s so large and unwieldy that it weighs you down. When holding the sword you can only jump a fraction of the height that you can without it, so often you’ll need to just stab it into the ground and come back for it later. Having no sword does leave you defenseless, but the increased agility has its own benefits.

The current build of GigaSword features the first two lage areas of the game and culminates in a challenging boss fight. The retro pixel art visuals are excellent and it’s a lot of fun, with a nice mixture of action, platforming and puzzle solving. The heavy sword is a great concept and there’s some very creative puzzle design that makes use of it in some very inventive ways. Highly recommended.

Download The GigaSword Alpha Demo Here (Windows)