Giphy GJ – Open Beta

Giphy DJ game

It’s no secret that we’re partial to the odd GIF at Alpha Beta Gamer, but now thanks to Giphy GJ you can play with them too!

Giphy GJ allows you to upload and remix GIFs on-the-fly, setting the tempo by pressing the spacebar in time with the music you’re listening to, then pressing keys on your keyboard to switch between GIFs. This is best done whilst listening to loud music to create some spectacular mind melting audio/visual creations.

It’s a fun freeform GIF remixing experience, and if you can’t be bothered uploading your own GIFs, there’s also a great selection of pre-loaded collections (including one dedicated entirely to cats) – or you could try your hand at using some of our GIFs!

Play or Download Giphy GJ Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)