Gizmo – Prototype Download

Gizmo is a fast, fun and secret-filled 3rd person platforming adventure that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as you run, roll and jump your way through a mechanical version of Earth that’s overrun by robots.

Gizmo puts you in control of the titular character as he makes his way through a heavily mechanised version of earth that’s been reconstructed by the ingenious (and slightly mad) Doctor Bolt while the rest of humanity is in stasis. Gameplay-wise the most obvious comparison to make is with Ratchet and Clank – due to it’s robotic protagonist, tongue-in-cheek humor and futuristic 3D game world full of collectables. There’s a touch of Sonic in there too though, with your character’s nifty roll ability and a focus on speed-running.

The current build of Gizmo only features one level, but it contains everything you could want from a classic 90’s styled 3D platformer. It has challenging level design, responsive controls, hidden collectables, shortcuts, humorous voice-work and even a hidden area you can access if you reach the end in under a minute.

You can get a lot of gameplay and enjoyment out of Gizmo’s single level, but the devs do plan to flesh out it out into full 25+ level 3D platforming adventure. It’s certainly an enticing proposition as it’s very impressive game. A 90’s inspired 3D platformer that still manages to feel fresh and level design that has plenty to offer speedrunners and collectathon fans alike. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Gizmo Prototype Here (Steam)