Gladiabots – Alpha Download

Gladiabots download

Gladiabots is an innovative strategic combat game in which don’t build or control your army directly – you build the AI for your army then let them loose on the battlefield and see how they fare in combat.

After playing through the short, but informative tutorial, it’s remarkably easy to craft your AI.  You drag, drop and connect actions, targets and conditions to your AI tree and select the filters that will define the behaviour.  You may not succeed on your first attempt, but after watching how your units perform on the battlefield you can tinker with your AI – moulding them into well oiled killing machines.  Its a great system that effectively means the battles in Gladiabots are won (or lost) before they’ve even begun – whoever has the superior AI will win, all you can do is sit and watch as the battle plays out and hope your programming is up to scratch.

It’s a very impressive game, that gives some insight into actual video game AI programming, with a fun premise and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to understand and (most importantly) fun to play!  Just be careful how advanced you make the AI – ww don’t need a SkyNet unleashed upon the world!

Download the Gladiabots Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)