Gladihoppers – Alpha Download

Gladihoppers is a very silly little 2D pixel art fighting game that sees roman gladiators fighting to the death in fast paced, physics based hopping combat.

Playable in singleplayer of local multiplayer, Gladihoppers sees two constantly hopping gladiators attempting to hack each other to death for the entertainment of the crowds. You can customize your own gladiator, and kit them out with different clothes, shields and weapons. The shields and weapons have unique stats, but you don’t need to worry about them too much – the winner is usually just the player who can time their attacks the best. The damage you do isn’t just based on your stats, but your velocity and the part of your opponent’s body you hit.

It’s a pretty simple game at the moment, but it shows a lot of promise. The battles are pretty chaotic, but there’s a certain amount of skill in getting the timing and velocity of your attacks to do maximum damage to your opponent. Well worth hopping in for some delightfully brutal physics based fighting fun.

Download The Gladihoppers Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)