Glitch – Alpha Download

Glitch game

Glitch is a fast paced futuristic racer that most resembles Zone Mode in WipEout HD, with you racing around infinite neon tracks, unable to slow down, but with an interesting ‘Invasion’ mechanic that sees other players invading your game and attempting to collect your bounty.

All the tracks in Glitch are procedurally generated, and you race around them at break-neck speeds, listening to a very cool licensed soundtrack, filled with great new artists you’ve never heard of (you can even bookmark a song you like as you’re racing along, just with the press of a button).  You can’t break or slow down, but you can corner sharply by using the left and right bumper buttons.

Playable in single player practice mode, split-screen multiplayer or online multiplayer, you race around the track building up a bounty for the more checkpoints you reach.  Other players can then invade your game, attempting to steal your bounty by beating you to check-points or making you crash.

Glitch is still early in development, but it already impresses with it’s vibrant neon visuals, awesome audio and innovative multiplayer gameplay.  Not just a great racing experience, a great way to discover new music too.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Gitch Alpha Here (Win & Mac)