GLITCHED – Alpha Demo


GLITCHED is a very cleverly written fourth wall-breaking RPG adventure in which you play Gus, a guy who has no memory of his life before living in the small town of Betwixt (much like the rest of the townsfolk) and sets out on a surprising adventure that challenges his concept of reality.

The town of Betwixt is a charming place, full of friendly people that you’ve known for most of your life. We say ‘most of your life’ as you can’t remember the time before you lived in Betwixt – nobody can. Things change when a glitch manifests itself in your town though, forcing your character to come to grips with the possibility that his world may just be a bunch of ones and zeroes in a computer program.

GLITCHED features excellent pixel art animation, a branching story that’s affected by your choices, turn based combat (where violence isn’t always the best option) and a well written narrative with a great sense of humor. It also features an ‘Essence System’ in which the main character becomes aligned with six different types of essence depending on how they play. Each of these Essences reflect a different type of personality and can explain the reasons behind your characters actions and affect how you interact with NPCs and the world around you.

The Alpha Demo of GLITCHED offers up a sizeable chunk of gameplay as you play through the prologue, make some startling discoveries and set out on your adventure. The animation, artwork and writing is excellent throughout, full of fourth wall breaking moments and funny dialogue. It’s shaping up to be a superb RPG adventure well worth keeping an eye on – we really can’t wait to see what more surprises GLITCHED has in store in the future.

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Download the GLITCHED Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)