Glitchspace – Alpha


Glitchspace is a first person programming game that’s centred around a visual programming mechanic to change the shape and purpose of objects.  Set in a cyberspace world with simple solid colors and shading, you have to solve problems by reprogramming objects, altering their physical properties to allow your passage through the levels.

Glitchspace teaches you how to use its node-based programming system called Null through trial and error, with you experimenting with various functions.  Right clicking on an object brings up a programming box full of nodes that you can alter.  A lot of these nodes will be locked (initially anyway), but you’re able to make additions to the red coloured connections that can drastically alter the make-up of the object.  Later on you’re able to actually fire these programs with a gun, allowing you to alter multiple objects quickly.

You’re basically programming on-the-fly, you’re Neo, but instead of dodging bullets in slow motion you’re taking on complex, mind bending puzzles in a beautiful, minimalistic cyberspace.

Play the Alpha Demo HERE

Or buy the full game with Alpha access HERE